Subject list

As a student of our Sixth Form Centre you are set for an outstanding future. We offer 21 subjects (plus EPQ), excellent teaching and support plus a reputation for success.

A-Level Art & Design Part Time

This exciting A-Level places an emphasis on your ability to research, develop and work through a range of ideas in order to find solutions that are sensitive and appropriate to the theme. You will also develop your artistic skills and gain confidence in your own creativity.

A-Level Biology Part Time

Biology is a topical and evolving subject. This course covers a variety of areas from evolution and ecosystems to enzymes.

A-Level Business Studies Part Time

This course considers the way in which businesses operate and the effect of the external business environment.

A-Level Chemistry Part Time

This A-Level will explore how this area of science is organised, the way in which its ideas have developed and the evidence for our current data.

A-Level Classical Civilisation Part Time

This course allows you to look at many aspects of the classical world which are significant in the development of the modern world.

A-Level English Language Part Time

This popular and stimulating subject will develop your knowledge and interest in the English Language and improve your use of English in a variety of contexts.

A-Level English Literature Part Time

This challenging and enjoyable course is for those with a dedicated enthusiasm for reading and the desire to engage in the study of a range of poetry, drama and prose.

A-Level Film Studies Part Time

Do you have a genuine interest for film? By studying this subject you will develop your knowledge and understanding of how different genres of film encode meaning for their audience and how they function as a business within wider institutions.

A-Level French -

This course will provide you with a knowledge and understanding of the French language in the context of French-speaking countries and the issues and influences which have shaped them.

A-Level Further Mathematics Part Time

This course broadens and deepens the areas covered in AS/A-Level Mathematics. It develops your mathematical ability and introduces you to exciting new topics.

A-Level Geography Part Time

This exciting and challenging subject looks at both our impact on the Earth and the forces of nature that have sculpted our planet.

A-Level History Part Time

History is both stimulating and informative, and this A-Level provides an excellent understanding of today’s world. It will enable you to think logically and analytically.

A-Level Law Part Time

Society is governed by rules and this subject will provide you with an understanding of the English legal system with reference to aspects of common law, European law and legal reasoning.

A-Level Mathematics Part Time

This A-Level will develop your understanding of mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence and enjoyment.

A-Level Physics Part Time

This logical subject enables you to study the world in which we live and attempt to understand and interpret it. If you enjoy problem solving, handling numbers and theories and like a challenge then this subject is for you.

A-Level Politics Part Time

Politics is an exciting and enjoyable subject, which aims to increase your knowledge of current affairs, as well as examining the strength of the argument behind current political views.

A-Level Psychology Part Time

This A-Level aims to give you an introduction to the world of psychology through conducting practical research as well as learning about prime psychological studies.

A-Level Sociology Part Time

Sociology requires you to take a step back from your own view of the world and explore social influences that shape people’s lives.

BTEC Level 3 Diploma Applied Science Part Time

The course is an interactive course and will include numerous excursions, practicals and assignments to both enhance and enrich your studies.

Level 3 Diploma Criminology Part Time

This course will give you an introduction to criminological theories and will enable you to use theories of criminality to analyse criminal situations and make recommendations for policy.

Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Part Time

This subject will provide you with transferable skills in order to approach tasks in other A-Level subjects with more confidence.