Introduction to Sign Language and Deaf Awareness

Start date(s):
21 Sep 2017
8 weeks
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Part Time
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Daytime, Evening
Framwellgate Moor Campus
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Currently unavailable


If you are interested in tackling a new rewarding language or work with deaf people and their families, this programme will give you an introduction to BSL.


The aim of the course is to give you basic signing skills and an understanding of the impact of hearing loss on a person’s life.


  • Introduction to the course, BSL alphabet, question signs, sign names, numbers 1-20, statistics introducing terminology, Q&A.
  • Recap numbers from 1-100, colours, introduce family signs, principle of time lines, fingerspelling practice, types and causes of deafness, Q&A.
  • Recap, more family signs, descriptive signs, days, months and seasons, fingerspelling practice, introduction of communication tactics, Q&A.
  • Recap, signs for weather, methods of travel and place/country signs, fingerspelling practice, deaf culture - facial expressions and body language. Q&A.
  • Consolidation of signs from weeks 1-4. Group game – describing people, fingerspelling practice. Mid course assessment - one to one with tutor. Q&A.
  • Recap, food and drink, fingerspelling practice, introducing principles of lip-reading, Q&A.
  • Recap, house and home, directions, fingerspelling practice, technical and human aids to communication. Q&A. Consolidation of signs learned throughout the course. End of course assessments (1-1 with tutor), number game to reinforce knowledge. Q&A.
  • Evaluation and progression route discussion.

Time commitment

Average number of hours per week



6:30pm - 8:30pm
*Days and times of study are subject to change. Timetables are confirmed at the start of term.

Teaching & assessment

Every week you will engage in practical activities which will be assessed by your tutor. You will work in pairs or small groups to practice signs and to participate in activities designed to increase your understanding of communication strategies with deaf and hard of hearing people. You will also work 1-1 with the tutor to reinforce handshapes for signs etc. and to receive feedback on your development. New topics will be introduced each week which link together in order to reinforce previous learning and to build signing skill and knowledge.

Other websites:

Your tutor may have links to free websites where you can practice further at home. Please ask at your class.


Please note these prices are for the current academic year and may be subject to change for our courses starting in future years.

No funding is available as this is a Full Cost Course.

Entry Criteria

No previous experience is necessary.