Level 2 German

Start date(s):
16 Jan 2018
20 weeks
Level 2
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Part Time
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Framwellgate Moor Campus
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This course is designed to develop your skills further and to enable you to speak and understand German in everyday contexts. You will learn to communicate using more complex vocabulary and grammar.


This course aims to enable learners to increase their familiarity with more complex German conversations and its wider culture. Interactive method will be used and learners will have the opportunity to practice the knowledge acquired in a supportive and friendly environment.


The modules comprise of these subjects:
  • Self-introduction, greetings, places of birth/residence, word order, regular (weak) verb forms
  • Numbers 0-100, spelling, professions, languages, nationalities, yes/no-questions, in-/formal you
  • Places in town, numbers 100+, genders, articles
  • Work and study, “sein”, expressing: for (10 years)/since (2008)
  • Asking the way, food and drink, accusative case, containers and their contents
  • Going shopping, prices, ordering food and drink, saying what you like eating, inversed word order
  • Leisure pursuits, stating likes/dislikes, irregular (strong) verb forms, “gern”
  • Time, daily routine, separable verbs and their word order
  • Making plans, appointments, “können”, “müssen”, in + location
  • Transport (esp. trains), dative case after prepositions
  • Recent events (1), Perfekt with “haben”, adjectival endings
  • Recent events (2), Perfekt with “sein”
  • Housing in Germany, comparative, possessive adjectives, dative case
  • Hotel accommodation, superlative, prepositions
  • Personal appearance, adjectival endings, “etwas” + adjective
  • Invitations, giving a present (/an advice) to someone, indirect object (dative case), adjectival endings
  • Health, body parts, aches and pains, modal verbs, subordinate clauses
  • Weather, holidays, revision of perfect tense/prepositions, simple past tense of modal verbs
  • Telephoning, business, job adverts, CVs, revision of dative pronouns, genitive case, simple past tense
  • History, general knowledge about Germany/Austria/Switzerland, passive voice.

In order to fortify listening, speaking, reading and writing skills there will be a considerate emphasis on the practice of grammar issues.


*Days and times of study are subject to change. Timetables are confirmed at the start of term.

Teaching & assessment

The teaching and assessment method is interactive and will enable you to practice your German in realistic contexts. Learners receive prompt feedback of their efforts. It is advised to practice when not in class, thus also supporting independent learning.

The textbook, (German) internet sites and grammar practices are study resources. Grammar issues will be explained on the white board and practiced in depth in order to make the learners more competent speakers of the German language.

There is no formal examination for this course

Other websites:

You tutor will make recommendations for useful websites to use for research.

You could progress to the Level 3 German course at New College Durham.

What else?

Learning a language helps to:
  • Develop an understanding of other societies and cultures
  • Network with people from around the world
  • Be more marketable and have a greater worth in the labour market
  • Enrich and get the most out of travel experiences.


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Additional Costs

The course is based on the textbook “Teach Yourself Complete German”. You will be advised to purchase this textbook in advance at an additional cost. If bought as set with its CDs, it is a very good resource for further practice at home (for it consolidates the grammar features in a very understandable way).

Interview Instructions

You are not required to have an interview to gain access to this course.

Entry Criteria

It is expected that learners completing the German Level 2 course will already have completed a German Level 1 course, or otherwise achieved some previous sufficient experience of the German language.