Develop a hobby, explore a new interest, re-ignite a passion, or just have fun learning something new with like-minded people.

Creative Writing Part Time

Begin your creative writing journey using self-discovery, memoir, fiction, character creation and creative use of language.

Digital Imaging Part Time

Gain an introduction to Adobe Photoshop and learn how to edit your digital images.

Level 3 Spanish Culture Part Time

This course is aimed at those who would like to further their knowledge about the Spanish culture and the Spanish way of life.

Photography for Beginners Part Time

Learn how to use your camera and its controls to create beautiful images.

Seasonal Flower Arranging Part Time

This course will provide you with the skills to create stunning flower arrangements.

Seasonal Sugar Craft Part Time

Take up an exciting new hobby and learn how to give your bakes the wow-factor with fantastic sugarcraft decorations.

Shabby Chic your Furniture and Decorative Craft Part Time

This inspiring course is pefect for those looking to express their creativity, and vamp up their furniture.