Key facts

Apprenticeship key fact 1

Clear progression route

There is a clear pathway mapped out from intermediate and advanced, to higher, degree and master's apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships key fact 2

Grow your own talent

Through apprenticeships you can fill a skills gap efficiently by tailoring the learning to your workplace.

Apprenticeship key fact 3

Fulfil your business needs

Apprentices are able to develop the knowledge and skills required by their specific job role and tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Apprenticeship key fact 4

Tried and tested

Apprenticeships are a tried and tested way to recruit new staff or to upskill your exsisting team.

Apprenticeships key fact 5

Minimal cost

You could get a grant or funding to employ an apprentice meaning there is little cost to your business.

Apprenticeships key fact 6

Minimal disruption

Learning, and even assessments, can often be carried out at your workplace, which means there is very little disruption.

Apprenticeships key fact 7

Cost effective

Apprentices are less expensive to recruit and train than hiring experienced workers due to high recruitment costs and the costs of induction and initial training.

Apprenticeship key fact 8

Keep up-to-date

Apprentices can keep your business up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology.

Apprenticeships key fact 9

A future workforce

Apprentices can provide you with the skilled workforce you need for the future.

Apprenticeships key fact 10

Fresh new talent

Every business needs new ideas to keep growing and apprentices can bring new energy and innovation to your business.