Travel Scheme Terms and Conditions 2016/17

Students who satisfy the eligibility criteria below and live at least 3 miles* from the College will qualify for travel support in association with Arriva or Go North East.

* NB any student who lives under 3 miles from the College who received travel support from the College in the previous academic year (2015-16) and is continuing their course of study will continue to receive a contribution towards travel costs provided they continue to meet the other eligibility criteria. Students should contact the Access Fund Office.

All students will need to meet the College's eligibility requirements:

  • Attending a full-time further education course
  • Having a satisfactory attendance record
  • Having a satisfactory tutor report and being up-to-date with all course work/assignments
  • Having satisfactory behaviour both at the College and whilst travelling on Arriva/Go North East transport
  • Any grants or bursaries received from the Government, Council or other bodies for transport must be utilised in full prior to any support provided by the College.

Travel support does not apply to apprentices, part-time further education students or students on higher education programmes.

If a student fails to attend their course of study, the College will suspend the travel ticket.

Travel is only permitted to and from College during term time weekdays. Minimum connecting times apply between services if you have to change buses to and from College.

The student bus ticket remains the property of Arriva/Go North East and will not be valid if you no longer attend the College. Your ticket must be returned to the Access Fund Office at New College Durham if you no longer attend your course. Failure to do so may result in individuals incurring the ongoing costs of the ticket.

The College will only make payment(s) for term time, weekday travel to and from College each term up to the cost of a termly or academic year ticket. The College will not refund the cost of any tickets purchased prior to the receipt of your termly or academic year ticket.

Travel is only permitted on Arriva or Go North East within the regions/boundaries outlined by each bus operator. If you wish to travel outside these areas, or with other travel operators, normal ticket prices apply. These tickets are not covered by the Flex and Travel scheme.

Travel on both Arriva and Go North East are subject to the operators normal terms and conditions. The operators retain the right to refuse travel. You will be responsible for paying for the costs of any replacement bus tickets.

To apply for Travel support contact the Access Fund on 0191 375 4218 or email