Higher Education

This section shows the first day of term for all of our higher education programmes.


Visual Arts

Art, Design, Graphics & Media - start of term

With our excellent art workshops and specialist facilities we can help you to flourish in the creative industry.

HE business7

Business & Management - start of term

The dynamic and growing business, consulting and management industry is vast.  This means that there are a wide range of different job roles available for graduates. 

HE Computing 1

Computing & IT - start of term

Let us help you to develop the skills and knowledge that IT employers are looking for with our range of dynamic computing programmes.

HE Construction

Construction and Civil Engineering - start of term

Construction is one of the UK's largest and most diverse sectors.  It is a global industry with lots of rewarding jobs for construction graduates.

HE counselling

Counselling - start of term

Counsellors help people with their problems and make a positive difference to their lives.

HE childhood1

Early Years - start of term

Childhood studies is excellent preparation for a wide range of careers working with children and young people in areas such as health, education and social care.

HE education

Education - start of term

The skills and experience you gain during your education degree prepares you for a range of careers working with children and young people.

HE engineering

Engineering - start of term

Engineering is a diverse profession that contributes to most aspects of modern life. It is one of the highest earning professions after law and medicine.

HE social 2

Health & Care - start of term

Study on one of our health and social care programmes and embark on a rewarding career in this sector.

HE course 4

Housing - start of term

A career in housing can be rewarding and challenging.  The work is varied and there are lots of career options including housing management, residential involvement, development and supported housing.

HE course 1

Hospitality, Tourism & Events - start of term

The hospitality, tourism and events industry has a lot to offer graduates both in the UK and abroad. 

Podiatry class

Podiatry - start of term

We have two excellent clinical facilities in Bishop Auckland and Durham where you can get hands-on practical experience of this specialist area of healthcare.

HE public services

Public Services - first day of term

A public services degree will give you transferable skills and knowledge to prepare you for a range of careers.

Root music 1

Music - start of term

A career in the music industry is hard work but if you are passionate about music very few industries are as exciting to work in!

HE podiatry

Professional Qualifications - start of term

Students will develop their careers through the internationally recognised accreditation offered by these professional bodies.  

HE course 2

Social Work - start of term

A social worker helps individuals and families to improve their lives. They make a positive difference in the community and work with other agencies including the police, local authority, schools and probation service.

HE Sport

Sport - start of term

The sports industry is competitive and there is a wide range of careers in sports-occupational areas with prospects increasing.