Our Sixth Form Centre students

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Cara Corrigan A-Levels SQ

Cara Corrigan

Cara is now reading Law at Northumbria University.

Oliver Coulthard - A-Levels

Oliver Coulthard

Oliver is now at Birmingham City University studying Speech and Language Therapy.

Emma Graham - A-Levels

Emma Graham

Emma progressed to study Forensic Psychology at Teesside University

Jade Kent - A-Levels

Jade Kent

Jade is now studying BSc Psychology at York St John University.

Jacob Days - A-Levels

Jacob Days

Jacob is now working as an Apprentice Tree Surgeon. 

Sydney Lund - A-Levels

Sydney Lund

Sydney progressed to read Law at Leeds Trinity University and plans to do a postgraduate degree at Huddersfield.

Ella Snowdon - A-Levels

Ella Snowdon

Ella progressed to study Crime Scene Science at Teesside University.

Barbod Takaloo A-Levels case study

Barbod Takaloomanesh

Barbod continued his education in the UK with New College Durham and is now studying Dentistry at Newcastle University.

Jamie Gibson A-Levels case study

Jamie Gibson

Jamie is now studying BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science at St George’s University in London.

Kate Crosby A-Levels case study

Kate Crosby

Kate returned to education as a mature student and is now studying Marine Zoology at Newcastle University.

Caitlin Watson A-Levels case study

Caitlin Watson

Caitlin chose New College Durham because she wanted to get more from her college experience.

Subin Kwak - A-Levels

Subin Kwak

Subin said that she got a good feeling about the College, and knew she would succeed with the support available.

Luke King (A-Levels)

Luke King

Luke progressed to The University of York to explore his interest in History further.

Kunyi Ye

Kunyi Ye

Kunyi progressed to study Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University.

Poppy Banks

Poppy Banks

Poppy progressed to Leeds Beckett University to study Law.

Karl Williams

Karl Williams

Karl progressed to study Politics at the University of York, and secured a summer job working with a Labour Party MP.

Adam Bright

Adam Bright

Adam progressed to Leeds Beckett University to study interior architecture and design.

Lauren Pearson - A-Levels

Lauren Pearson

Lauren said she appreciated all the help she received from her tutors at New College Durham.

Eliot Lingwood - A-Levels

Eliot Lingwood

Eliot said our free bus travel was very important as he would not have been able to attend college without it.


Megan Hughes

Megan described her time at New College Durham as fantastic, friendly, and challenging (in a good way!).  She is now working as an Applied Science Apprentice at Durham University

Connor Maguire

Connor Maguire

Connor is now at university studying for his master’s degree in chemistry.

Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy

Katie is now studying primary education at Sunderland University.

Liam Wynd

Liam Wynd

Liam is now studying Law at Liverpool John Moores University

Catherine Tasker

Cathrine Tasker

During her time at New College Durham, Cathrine was involved in the Sixth Form Centre’s student representative programme, which helped to improve her communication skills.  Cathrine is now studying psychology at the University of Sunderland.

Joe Nixon

Joe Nixon

Joe described his experience at New College Durham as knowledgeable, beneficial and entertaining. 

Charlie Cooke

Charlie Cooke

Charlie is now studying BSc (Hons) Nutrition at Leeds Beckett University and has set up a nutrition-based biochemistry and physiology website.

Katie Cuthbertson

Katie Cuthbertson

Katie is now working as a Finance Management Information Apprentice for Vertu Motors.

Oliver Driver

Oliver Driver

Oliver said that the staff in the Sixth Form Centre were incredibly supportive and offered him the encouragement and skills he needed to succeed in his goals.  He is now at Northumbria University studying BA (Hons) History.

Student Web - Curtis Dean

Curtis Dean

Curtis Dean, Ex-New College Durham student secures himself a place at Northumbria University studying Psychology to persue a career as a Sports Psychologist.

Student Web - Heather Bland

Heather Bland

Heather progressed to Durham University and is now working towards a Biology Master’s degree.

Megan Jones

Megan Jones

Megan is currently studying at New College Durham’s Sixth Form Centre. She came to the College because the science department is well equipped.

Student Web - Jennifer Dover

Jennifer Dover

Jennifer originally chose the wrong subjects when she first left school to do A-Levels, so decided to restart the year at New College Durham. As part of extra-curricular activities, Jennifer is part of the student ambassador team 

Students Web - Paige Roddam

Paige Roddam

Having achieved A grades in Art and English Literature and B grades in History and Pscology at New College Durham in 2013, Paige is currently studying for a BA (Hons) in English Literature at Newcastle University. 

Student Web - Matthew Urwin

Matthew Unwin - A Levels

Matthew has recently graduated from Teesside University with a 1st class BSc (Hons) in Psychology where he was also awarded the Professor Oglesby prize for achievement.  

Yasmina Clayton SFC

Yasmina Clayton - A-Levels

Yasmina achieved fantastic A-Level results, she has now progressed to the University of Leeds to study International Relations.

James Priestley SFC

James Priestley

James's A-Level results have enabled him to pursue this chosen career, he is now studying Crime Scene Science at Teesside University.

Shannon Crozier

Shannon Crozier

Shannon not only completed her A-Levels but also an Introduction to Counselling course, made available through the College's enrichment activities.

Poppy Whitworth SFC

Poppy Whitworth

Former Sixth Form Centre student Poppy achieved an impressive AAA on A-Level Results Day.  She is now studying Dentistry at Newcastle University.

Callum Elkin SFC

Callum Elkin - A-Levels

After gaining a scholarship to study in California for a year, Sixth Form Centre student Callum is now at the University of Cambridge studying Law.