We are working with Recite Me to provide Accessibility + Language Options to improve your experience on our website.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on if you have any issues.

Below is our short Recite Me guide.

Screen Reader

The screen reader helps individuals who are visually impaired or neuro-divergent.

→ All content on the website is read out loud.

→ You can control the volume and move from one text to another using the navigation bar.

→ Recite Me allows you to record and download an MP3 file from the text you have highlighted.

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Customising the styling of our website helps those who are dyslexic, have a learning disability or are visually impaired.

→ Customise text size and colour.

→ Change the background colour so it suits you.

→ Choose an alternative font.

→ View our website in text only mode.

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Reading and understanding website content can be challenging. Recite Me offers the following tools for reading support:

→ Magnifier - makes the text easier to read by zooming in on sections of texts.

→ Ruler - divides sections of text on the website so you can follow a line of text easily.

→ Reading mask - covers 90% of the website so you can focus on one section of the website.

→ Margins - you can use the margin feature in text only mode to position content to suit you.

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You can translate the content on our website to over 100 different languages, and can use the text-to-speech feature in 35 different languages.

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