How many of these skills do you have?

Do you...

Then your skills are...

Do you usually arrive at school and your lessons on time? You are punctual and reliable.  
Do you always hand your homework in on time? You are well organised and have good time management.
Do you help your friends with their school work? You are helpful and a good team player
Do you enjoy participating in class discussions and debates? You are a confident speaker and have good communication skills.
Do you pick things up quickly? You are a quick learner and a good listener.
Do you like to answer questions in the classroom? You are motivated and have good communication skills.
Do you still try your best when you have difficult school work to do? You are determined, dedicated and hardworking.
Do you always check your school work is correct and have no mistakes in it? You have good attention to detail and are conscientiou.
Do you volunteer for anything? You are thoughtful and like to help others.
Do you like to help friends with any problems or issues?

You are a good listener and a problem solver.

Do you have hobbies or interests outside of school?

You are well rounded and a good team player.