Sophie Catleugh

Course: Performing Arts (Acting)
Previous school: The Academy at Shotton Hall

Sophie said New College Durham helped her get into drama school. She came here as she liked the intense timetable, the intelligence of the teachers and the family-like atmosphere.

She said:

“I decided to study at New College Durham after coming to the open day, speaking to the tutors from the course, the fact is was a full-time acting course and the distance from my home.

“My course ended up a close knit family as we were working so intensely with one another. I loved the teaching. The teachers were definitely the best thing about the college. They always went a step further and not only pushed you to be your best, they had amazing pastoral care skills too.

“The best thing about the course was working with the same people day in, day out. It made us form as a unit and a company and gave you the comfort to experiment.

“The facilities the acting course had were great, our lighting facilities and the room in which we worked in had a great professional atmosphere.

“I got involved with barre, extra dance classes and becoming student rep for our course, which helped me a lot with my organisational skills and communication skills.

“My experience at New College Durham was memorable, exciting and motivating and they helped me get into drama school!”

Sophie is now studying at LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts).

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