A-Level History

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30 Aug 2021
2 years
Level 3
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Framwellgate Moor Campus
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16-18 - Free (UK & EEA)
19+ - £993 per year, your course may be free
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History is both stimulating and informative, and this A-Level provides an excellent understanding of today’s world. It will enable you to think logically and analytically.

History is a ‘facilitating’ subject and one of the most highly regarded subjects for university entrance. It is an excellent foundation for careers in Law, Government, Business and Public Administration, or for any vocations in which you need to think logically and communicate well.


This programme aims to enable students to develop their interest and enthusiasm for history. You will make links and draw comparisons between different periods of the past.

You will develop an understanding of history’s intrinsic value and significance and will be encouraged to ask relevant and significant questions about the past and to understand that history is constructed by those who study it.

Studying history will allow you to develop the ability to organise and communicate historical knowledge and understanding in different ways, arguing a case and reaching substantiated judgements is of paramount importance.


You still study the following four compulsory modules:
  • Britain transformed 1918-1997 - This is a thematic approach to history considering political, economic and social changes as well as developments in welfare and cultural changes, with an in-depth look at the Government of Margaret Thatcher.
  • The USA 1955-92: conformity and challenge - This is an in-depth study of America in a relatively short time period which considers the changing position of groups, such as black Americans and women. You will look at the impact of world events, such as conflict in the Middle East and Asia and looking at the impact of changing culture.
  • Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudor 1485-1603 - Both a breadth and depth study looking at a period of immense change in British History, from Henry VII’s uncertain ascension to the throne to the infamous reign of Elizabeth I with a particular focus on how this time period changed government and religion forever.
  • Coursework: An independent investigation into a disputed area of history, based around the reasons for the English Reformation.

Time commitment

Average number of hours per week



Day and time of study will be confirmed before the start of your course.

Teaching & assessment

You will be taught by lecturers who are specialists in their subjects. Teaching is classroom based and involves group work and individual work. Independent study is essential outside of the classroom and frequent homework will be given.

You will sit monthly in-class assessment for which you will receive extensive feedback, as well as other assessments throughout the academic year, which will help you track your progress.

In your second year of study, you will produce coursework which will equate to 20% of your overall A-Level. The remaining 80% will come from terminal exams, which will take place in May/June.

Maths and English

Stobo Castle

Maths & English

Maths and English skills are essential for the workplace and university.

This A-Level, in combination with other subjects, could enable you to apply for degree courses in Archaeology, Classical Studies, Teacher Training, European Studies, History, Law, or Politics.

History graduates generally progress into a wide range of sectors that range from Journalism Law and Politics through to Public Services, Social Work, Accountancy and Civil Service.


Please note these prices are for the current academic year and may be subject to change for our courses starting in future years.

Interview Instructions

You will be invited in for a tour of the College, and a one-to-one interview with one of our lecturers. A conditional offer may then be made subject to you meeting the entry criteria.
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Entry Criteria

Ideally, you will hold a minimum of 5 GCSEs at 9 to 4 (A* to C) which must include maths and English. It is not necessary to have studied history at GCSE, however, those who have studied GCSE history must have grade 4 (C) or above.