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In addition to using university student volunteers, they also engage with providers, such as New College Durham, to allow volunteer engagement to continue during academic holidays, as well as enhancing the quality of delivery due to an increased pool of experience young people.

Lynn Preston, Adult Outreach Officer at Durham University, said: “New College Durham students that have engaged with our business have been enthusiastic, driven, punctual, reliable and professional. They have a good balance of academic knowledge and practical experience that they can apply within a working environment. Their presence as young volunteers has enhanced our delivery, especially during busy periods of time, such as the school summer holidays when staffing is at a minimum. Their young minds help to bring new innovative approaches to delivery, increasing participant’s enjoyment of sessions and increasing their likelihood of returning.

“I would definitely recommend working with New College Durham to other businesses, the quality of students that have worked within our establishment has been exceptionally high and the support from the College has been very professional.

“New College Durham students have enhanced our business, allowing improved delivery of sport and physical activity outreach programmes.”

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