T Levels & Industry Placements

New College Durham is one of four colleges and post 16 education providers across the North East to teach T Levels. From September 2020, T Levels in construction, digital, education and childcare will be delivered, with a further 22 courses being rolled out in stages from 2021.

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What are industry placements?

Two thirds of employers recognise the significant or critical value of young entrants having work experience for the labour market, and half of employers believe a top priority for education providers should be developing awareness of working life with support from businesses (UK Commission’s Employer Perspectives Survey 2014).

As a result, the Department for Education (DfE) have guaranteed that all 16 to 19 year old students following a new technical education route will be entitled to a quality industry placement, to arm them with the relevant technical skills they need to give them the best possible opportunity to enter skilled employment.

T Levels are rigorous, classroom-based, technical study programmes, designed to support entry to skilled employment in technical occupations at Level 3 and above. A substantial, high quality industry placement (formerly ‘work placements’) with an external employer will be an essential part of each T Level.

These industry placements will give students a valuable opportunity to put their learning into practice, develop their technical skills and become more employable. Students will spend a minimum of 45 days with an external employer in a role directly relevant to their course.



Why should my business get involved?

Immediate benefits:

  • Extra resources for your projects and day-to-day operations from students developing skills in a course relevant to your business and industry
  • Give your employees the opportunity to develop management and mentorship skills
  • Bring a fresh perspective into your business
  • CSR impact: share with stakeholders how your business has supported local young people into industry placements, improving their employability and progression opportunities.


Long term benefits

  • Inspire the next generation to work in your industry
  • Address current and future skills shortages in your industry
  • Strengthen your recruiting pipeline and increase diversity
  • Shared value: benefits for business and society are correlated – increased social inclusion leads to new business opportunities.





What are the benefits for you?

  • Build and develop your technical skills, increasing your competence and ability to progress into skilled employment.
  • Further develop your communication skills, teamwork and problem solving.
  • Gain deeper knowledge of the running of a business and general commercial principles.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, build confidence and learn about yourself. Identify your strengths and preferences for future career options.
  • Your employer may offer you an apprenticeship or a full-time role on completion of your course (this was the case for several students involved in the pilot last year).
  • Build a valuable working relationship with an employer and grow your network in the industry.



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