Accessibility support improves inclusion and online experience

New College Durham is committed to supporting everyone who visits our website, regardless of their differing abilities. We are working with Recite Me to provide Accessibility + Language Options to further our commitment to inclusion, and to improve our website user experience.

The features include a screen reader and customisable styling, to help individuals who are visually impaired or neurodivergent. The text can also be made easier to read using tools such as a magnifier that zooms in on sections of text and a ruler or reading mask that divides or covers sections of text. You can also translate the content to over 100 different languages and can use the text-to-speech feature in 35 different languages.

Chris Hind, Senior Sales Executive at Recite Me, said:

“During my time at university I always struggled with my dyslexia, the uni website and e-learning and student portals were always a massive struggle. Amazing work by New College Durham, ensuring students are able to gain the same access to online content as their neurotypical peers. It warms my heart to know thousands of students will not experience the same struggle that I did. They are not just helping students with dyslexia but so many other forms of neurodiversity and disabilities.”

Francesca Smith, Head of Marketing and Student Recruitment at New College Durham, said:

"New College Durham is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, an essential aspect in our commitment to inclusion. Having Recite Me on our website provides a set of easy to use tools that improve accessibility and enhance the website experience. It was quick and easy to implement, and we have immediately seen visitors to our site using the toolbar.”

The value of partnering with Recite Me is shown month on month as there continues to be an increase in the number of unique users launching Recite Me since New College Durham started using the toolbar in November. In January, the toolbar was launched 142 times, which is more than double than the number of launches in November, and 52% of users used the screen reader and 15% used the translation feature.