Alton Towers

Over 100 students from business and sport enjoyed a start of term trip to Alton Towers.

It was a long journey, but the students (and staff) took advantage of the good weather and lack of queues to enjoy the best of what the fun park had to offer.

Firm favourites were Nemesis, Oblivion and the other big rides on site. The students took the opportunity to spend time with their classmates whilst getting to know students from other courses across the areas.

Steve Bell, Curriculum Manager for Sport, said: “I was really impressed with the students on the day. Their behaviour and attitude was what we have come to expect, but was nonetheless, excellent."

“Whilst our emphasis is always on education, at times it is good to reward students for their hard work with a trip that is focused purely on having a good time and doing something they might not normally get the chance to do."