Bite the Ballot

Our Sixth Form Centre students recently took part in Bite the Ballot, a fun and interactive activity session designed to engage young adults with politics and inspire them to take part in the 2015 General Election.

Bite the Ballot aim to inspire the students, and enable them to gain a wider understanding of voting. They hope to drive the biggest turnout of informed, educated and engaged young voters at the 2015 general election; calling for the next Government to make voter registration easier, more accessible and engaging for generations to come.

A-level lecturer, Chris Wilkinson, said: “Our principal obligation to young people at New College Durham Sixth Form Centre is not just to educate, but to also encourage and inspire. Our partnership with Bite the Ballot has certainly helped to deliver this obligation and will continue to do so for many years to come”.

The event is an effective way to empower young people to make a difference, step outside of the curriculum and ensure they are education, engaged and inspired to shape their communities and hold the decision makers to account.


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