Capital visit

27 students and 3 teachers from the performing arts acting and dance programmes took to the big city of London for three days of theatre visits, workshops and many tiring tube journeys.

The trip began with an early train and a visit to the Lyric Theatre to watch Frantic Assembly’s adaptation of Things I know to be true. It was a  star studded cast, which included Natalie Casey from Hollyoaks, Ewan Stewart who appeared in the film Titanic, and Richard Mylan from Waterloo road. 

Thursday gave the students a taste of Shakespeare, visiting The Globe Theatre, a beautiful replica of the original Elizabethan Theatre. A highlight of this experience was having the opportunity to see professionals in their technical rehearsal. 

A trip to the Novello Theatre to see Mamma Mia the Musical was next on the agenda. The students were bouncing in their seats and singing along to the popular Abba songs. A feel good performance that left some students dreaming of the day they will be on the stage, instead of in the audience.

An early start to Friday saw the actors and dancers separate to attend different workshops. Dancers attended Pineapple Studios for a class led by industry professionals. Two girls chose to enhance their technique with a ballet class, while the others attended commercial hip hop.

Courtney Hodgson, dance student said “I loved every minute of it and it really opened my mind to where my dance career could take me if I work hard enough for it.”

Chloe Owen, performing arts student, said: “The whole experience has been beyond what my imagination had dreamed. With it being my first adventure to London, I was expecting big things, but not quite as big as what it was. The experience was truly amazing”

The three days was an experience they’ll never forget, it gave the students a taste of what London life can offer.

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