Carpentry students build on their skills in Germany

12 of our carpentry students returned on their flight back from Biberach in Germany after their bespoke two-week advanced carpentry course.

The training was delivered at the number one carpentry college in Germany, Zimmerer-Ausbidungszentrum Training Centre. The students were chosen as recognition for their ability, commitment and attendance.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to visit Germany and to train with ‘Master Carpenters’. They learnt a wide range of new construction skills within carpentry and were able to experience first-hand how Germans do things differently.

As well as getting the chance to use German tools, the students also looked at how to construct timber frame buildings, insulate buildings and construct roofs.

The students also spent their time visiting factories and tool companies & worked on a realistic works project. They also enjoyed experiencing German culture and food, and being independent.

David Usher, Carpentry & Joinery Lecturer, said: “The trip was an excellent experience that the students will never forget. Some of them hadn’t been abroad before so it was a big trip for them. It was really great to see how the students worked in a different environment, and how quickly they got used to using the German tools.”