Close the Coalhouse Door

As part of their course the performing arts students put together and perform multiple shows throughout the year. The year culminated with the production of Alan Plater’s Close the Coalhouse Door.

Close the Coalhouse Door is an exhilarating ride through the strikes, victories and frustrations of British mining history, the show captures the political anger and fight for justice of ordinary people from the formation of the first Unions in 1831.

Lucy Moss, performing arts student, said: “This has been a fantastic and memorable experience. Being able to understand such a complex play was a journey in itself. I have learnt so much more about acting and my knowledge of the miners has expanded.”

The extremely talented and hardworking cast, which was primarily 1st year students, produced a beautiful rendition of this play. It received fantastic reviews from the audience and was even patronaged by Janet Plater, local theatrical agent and Durham NUM executive.

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