DS x 16 Exhibition

Our higher education art, design and graphic students showcased their work during an exhibition held at the College. They were able to show work they had produced throughout the year and gain confidence in presenting their work in an exhibition.

The exhibition and the students' work received excellent feedback from family, friends and members of the public.  

A number of visitors also attended from North East design agencies and gave excellent feedback; some of the students were even able to secure future meetings to discuss the opportunity of work.

Abbie Hartshom, from Absolute Gateshead, said: “It was great to see so much talent coming through into the industry. I want to employ them all!”

Johnny Woods, Thrive Darlington, said: “There was a great selection of work. I would actually interview three of the students who exhibited for a Junior Designer role!”

Alice Hair, Lecturer, said: “The DS x 16 exhibition has been a great success. The students who exhibited worked very hard to plan and present some professional pieces ready for preview night. They were able to prove that they were ready to work and should be very proud of themselves.”

An exhibition will also take place at The Holy Biscuit in Newcastle on June 25. This exhibition will showcase a range of staff and student work.


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