Updated Exam Results 2020: Information for Students

As you know the COVID-19 lockdown meant we couldn’t hold all our usual exams and assessments between May and September so your tutors submitted ‘Centre Assessed Grades’ to the awarding bodies for them to base your grades on.

For GCSE and A-Level students the government has now decided that these will be your Final Award Grades, for detail see https://www.gov.uk/government/news/statement-from-roger-taylor-chair-ofqual

For other qualifications, the Awarding Bodies will supply us with your final grade.

We are trying to ensure you are informed promptly about the grades you have been awarded so you can have the information to access employment or further study or so you can appeal to us if necessary and potentially change the grade awarded.

Where stated we will try to ensure results are posted on the day they are released. If after a week you don’t receive them, or if you urgently need to confirm the results please contact exams@newdur.ac.uk

Results release dates:

Access to HE – notified by email from 13 July

C&G Functional Skills – available on request from 31 July

A Level Results – will be emailed and posted to you as soon as they are confirmed by your awarding body

BTEC L3 NQF and RQF Results - available on site and then posted 13 August - some of these results are still not yet available form the awarding bodies, contact Exams if you want us to check

GCSE Results - these will be notified by post and email on 20 August

BTEC L2 NQF and RQF Results - these will be notified by post when released by Pearson

BTEC QCF - there is no results release date so Certificates will continue to be posted to students on receipt.

C&G L3 – available on request from 13 August

C&G L1 and 2 – available on request from 20 August

NCFE L3 – these will be notified by post (digital certificate sent) from 14 August

NCFE L2 – these will be notified by post (digital certificate sent) from 20 August


For all other Exam Boards once results are released to us they will be available on request from exams@newdur.ac.uk


We have been informed that C&G Certificates will be posted to us w/c 7 September to send to you.

Your Options – Vocational Quals (if they do not decide to follow the process announced for A Level and GCSE)

If you want to appeal the grade you have been given by the Awarding Body please follow this process

If you want to know what grades the College submitted to the Awarding Body for you, email records@newdur.ac.uk, stating your full name and date of birth along with the course(s) you studied and the relevant Awarding Body.  To allow us to verify your identity, please send your request from the email address that we hold for you.

  1. For Vocational and Technical Qualifications you can then appeal to the College using our VTQ appeals form

Your Options – A Level and GCSE

If you want to appeal the Centre Assessed grade you have been given by the Awarding Body you may only now do so if you think an administrative mistake has been made when we submitted your Centre Assessed Grades.

  1. For GCSE and A Level only, please use our GCSE & A Level appeals form.

For further information on this process please contact either exams@newdur.ac.uk or records@newdur.ac.uk

If you want help and advice on planning future study or employment please contact our Advice, Support & Careers service at asc@newdur.ac.uk