Training like professionals

As part of their programme our FdSc Sport and Exercise students are using Catapult GPS technology, a system which quantifies a number of parameters that coaches and players can use to measure performance.

They have worked alongside our football students and coaching staff to produce meaningful data which can be used to develop their training. The data produced includes the distance the players cover, the intensity of their play and the directions of movement covered, all of which will be used to gain a better understanding of the demands of the game and compare data against professional athletes.

Kieran McWaters, sport student, said: “It is good to get feedback on my performance, not only technically but physically. I feel more like a professional footballer when I see the Premier League teams using the same equipment.”

Ronnie Thompson, Development Centre Manager, said: “We are always looking to develop players, both technically and physically. At the college we are using the same technology that the professional clubs in football use.

"I see this being used at Newcastle Academy where I also coach, so it is great to see the college supporting the students and players in this way.”

Using this technology not only allows the students to apply their knowledge but also develop their employability skills when working with athletes.

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