Lee Proud Workshop

West End Choreographer delivered an inspiring insightful workshop, to the Performing Arts, Dance and Acting students. He taught the students a dance from his current production of RENT.

Lee has had an incredible career since the age of 14, performing in many West End shows. He was in Billy Elliot as a performer and then resident Choreographer for its entire run at the Victoria Palace Theatre. He now works as a Choreographer around the world, flying to Vienna the day after our workshop to work on Ghost the Musical.

Lee taught a short routine to the 31 students who attended. It was fast paced, fiery and passionate and left a lot of the students bruised with red raw skin from the energy and aggression they put into the characterisation of the dance. They learnt the dance all together, paying alot of attention to detail, then performed it in small groups. Lee praised students who stood out and was helpful and encouraging to those who needed more support, leaving them all feeling motivated and inspired.

Georgia Austen said: “I learnt so much from the workshop with Lee Proud, I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and the things he taught me will help me in the future."

After the workshop Lee sat down to a question and answer session. He answered questions about his career, where he started, and the industry and gave advice for the second year’s upcoming auditions.

Lee showed the students the promotion video for RENT that was yet to be released to the public, and gave inside information of the audition process and how he selected his cast. In a room full of varied abilities, strengths and passions Lee filled each student with confidence, made them feel special and offered a small taste of ‘the dream’.


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