Management students get fraud smart

NHS Counter-Fraud Specialist, Paul Bevan, visited our BA (Hons) Management students to open their eyes to the risks of fraud. Paul outlined the dangers the NHS faces regarding online and offline fraud.

The students found the session valuable as it highlighted the technical challenges they could face in the workplace. Paul shared some of the experiences and issues he had dealt with, locally in the North East, to give the students a better understanding of the requirements for business controls to prevent cybercrime and fraud.

Jasper Sturhan, BA (Hons) Management student, said: “The talk was very useful. The examples Paul shared with us reinforced the fact that I need to take steps to protect my own assets when using online resources.”

Paul Bevan, NHS Counter-Fraud Specialist, commented: “It was interesting to work with a group of students that represent such a diverse range of backgrounds. I really hope that they now have a better understanding of the role of the NHS in the UK and the need to protect the resources invested in health services for the benefits of patients.”