New College Durham hit a 6 with professional experience

Our degree level sports students have been working with professional cricket players at Durham County Cricket Club. Having the opportunity to work alongside coaches means the students are able to gain valuable experience monitoring player performance.

The students monitored match performance of players during the day and T20 competitions. The performance analysis of the team was measured using GPS, which monitors movements, total distance covered and the intensity of the match. The students presented their analysis to the coaches so they could adapt their training techniques, to ensure the players perform at their best.

The level of analysis the students were able to measure is used within elite level sport and is fundamental for national governing bodies, such as rugby, hockey, netball and football. This experience supports the students’ learning as they gain the technical knowledge required to work in the industry. This was also a fantastic opportunity for the students to apply the theoretical knowledge they learn in the classroom to a professional working environment.

Simon Fairbairn, BSc Sport & Exercise Development Course Leader, said: “We work hard at the College to develop valuable work experience for our students. Opportunities like this support them in their development and they get to work on some exciting applied research projects alongside their studies.”

Jack Howell, BSc Sport & Exercise Development student, commented: “I am a fan of cricket so when this opportunity came up I grabbed it. Being able to fully understand the movements and distance and intensities of what the bowlers are performing at is very interesting and I am looking forward to helping the team over the season.”

Barry Poskett, Curriculum Manager, said: “This is another fantastic example of the community and industry links that are both established and clearly embedded into the sports curriculum here at New College Durham. We are grateful to have a strong link with an elite level sporting organisation. This kind of work experience allows our students to apply their knowledge to a real-life setting and will help them with their transition from education into employment.”

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