Podiatrists in prison

A visit to Frankland Prison was arranged for the level 6 Podiatry students, to participate in a health and wellbeing day for the prison staff.

Over the summer break students prepared resources for the day.  They contacted industry suppliers to request samples of products that could be given away on the day.  The Society of Chiropodist and Podiatrists, Algeos Ltd and DLT were very generous in offering free samples to use on the day.

 After going through security the students were shown into a sports hall where they set up a health promotion stand.  They displayed various health promotion leaflets, creams, sample shoes etc.

There was a number of other health professionals promoting their services at the event, as well as private companies such as fitness centres, slimming world reps etc. The aim of the visit was for the students to provide the Prison workforce with foot health education; this included general foot care, footwear advice, skincare advice, as well as advice for more specific foot problems. 

Anyone needing podiatry treatment or assessment were referred to our podiatry clinic. The students had a very enjoyable day and were able to develop their communication skills through engagement with a wide variety of people that make up the prison work force as well as having the opportunity to learn more about the roles of other members of the wider multidisciplinary workforce.   


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