College welcomes Danish podiatry students

Last year the podiatry department hosted a group of Danish podiatry students from the Tradium College, Denmark.

The students visited the New College Durham clinics in Durham and Bishop Auckland and compared teaching, assessment and clinical techniques undertaken by both colleges. The Danish guests were amazed at the specialist equipment that our students have access to and use on a regular basis, they feel they are very fortunate. 

The Durham students were surprised to hear that in Denmark the podiatry training is 18 months, considerably shorter than the 3 years the students study in the UK. The undergraduate programme in the UK involves several elements not currently included in Denmark such as the administration of Local Analgesia and Nail Surgery.

Barbara Chambers, Curriculum Manager, said: “The visit of the Danish students has allowed us to show case our excellent resources at the Durham School of Podiatric Medicine. It was a wonderful opportunity to help develop international links with other schools of podiatry which will enhance the learning experience of our students.”

The visit was both interesting and stimulating for all concerned, it highlighted the differences between each course and the NCD students benefitted from seeing several clinical techniques that are used in Denmark which we do not use in England.

It is hoped that the two podiatry schools will go on to develop a new professional working relationship which could include regular exchange visits.

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