Students learn what it takes to be a successful chef

Our professional cookery & hospitality students benefitted from a fantastic virtual session with Tony Lewis, Executive Chef, Entrepreneur and Ambassador for The Burnt Chef Project, thanks to our strong links with industry experts.

Tony Lewis has worked with the likes of Antonio Carluccio, Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo, he has travelled all over the world cooking and has opened many new restaurants across the UK.

NCD Professional Cookery Tutor, Leah Walker, worked with Tony during his time as Executive Chef for the Jamie Oliver group and they have stayed in touch.

Tony speaks about the challenges of the industry and opened up to the group about why he is so passionate about The Burnt Chef Project and their podcast.

Watch the video to find out more about his online venture, The Chef Hub, and what ingredient he couldn’t live without!

Abby Harle, Level 1 Professional Cookery student, said: “From the session I have gained an awareness of the mental strain of working as a chef but also the benefits, such as creating good relationships and being rewarded for hard work.”

Elisha Hague, Level 1 Professional Cookery student, commented: “The call with Tony was very inspirational! He provided an insight into what the industry is like and his experience is amazing, he has had a lot of brilliant opportunities!”

Bailey Yates, Level 1 Professional Cookery student, said: “The main thing I took from Tony’s session was to push yourself to do your best and to grab every given opportunity but to also find the balance between work and friends and family.”

Mikaela Humble, Level 2 Professional Cookery student, commented: “Tony was beyond inspirational – I appreciated how he talked about the highs and the lows of his experience in the industry as it made it more real. As a trainee chef, it was amazing to hear from someone with that much culinary knowledge and experience. Thanks to Leah for having the connection and to Tony for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak with us all!”