Virtual dance workshop gets students moving to a new beat

Our dance students took part in their first virtual dance workshop with professional Afro-Brazilian dancer, Angeles Maria Fillo Montero.

The group discussed the history and origins of the genre and then developed their movement skills to master this new genre of dance. Following on from the workshop, the students will choreograph a three-minute performance for their upcoming assessment.

After half-term, the group will engage in an additional dance workshop to provide them with a contrasting genre of international dance, they will compare the two in their assessment.

Abbie Johnson, dance student, comments on the virtual event:

“It was so good! I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did, I don’t know whether that is because it was virtual, but it was great fun. I have learned so many new styles already since starting the course.”

Angeles Fiallo Montero, Afro-Brazilian Dance Specialist, said:

“I am really glad the group enjoyed it. I am pleased I could help them see the beauty in trying something new.”

Lisa Petrie, Dance Lecturer at New College Durham, said:

“It was excellent for the students to start their studies off with such an engaging workshop with Angeles. Taking part in a virtual dance workshop with an instructor in another part of the country is a unique experience and the students and Angeles all did an incredible job of creating a fantastic atmosphere. It wasn’t the same as having her in the room, but the students gave Angeles their full attention and it was very enjoyable to watch unfold.”

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