Karl Williams

Course: A-Levels (Politics, History, English Language and Law)

Previous school: Roseberry Sports & Community College

Karl wanted to experience new challenges in an environment where he would be treated like an adult.

He said:

“New College Durham offered a freedom you don’t get at school. I was able to take charge of my own learning, but had access to help and support if I needed it.

“My tutors were charismatic and educationally relevant which made lessons engaging and interesting. The courses in general were taught really well.

“The campus was lovely, it was always really well maintained. There was always somewhere nice to sit - inside and outside.

“I was a member of the debate club for a brief period of time. This experience helped me decide to join a similar society at university. I regularly reminisce about the many trips I went on with politics, and have shared them with my new course friends.”

Karl progressed to study Politics at the University of York, and secured a summer job working with a Labour Party MP.

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