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Emily Robinson - L3 App Computing 1

Emily Robinson

Emily expressed how invaluable her experience at NCD was in progressing to university.

Mark Crinson - IoT Higher App Construction 1

Mark Crinson

Mark progressed from an advanced apprenticship to a higher degree level apprenticeship in construction management.

Lee Bradley - L3 App computing 1

Lee Bradley

Lee was promoted to Engineer (Hosting and Security) at Durham Country Council during his apprenticeship.

Joleen Hillary - FdA Events 1

Joleen Hillary

Joleen progressed to study a top-up degree at New College Durham, and to secure an exciting job in events.

FdA Housing Daniel Plumpton SQ 1

Daniel Plumpton

Daniel wanted to progress his career with his current employer.

HE Marie Christer L4 AAT

Marie Christer

Marie has progressed to apply for her MAAT status and plans to go on to study payroll.

Sophie Wollaston - Access to HE

Sophie Wollaston

Sophie will study at Newcastle University when she returns from her gap year to Australia.

Aimee Green - HE Computing

Aimee Green

Aimee really enjoyed the hands-on nature of the degree programme.

Rhiannon Hardy - L3-L6 HE Computing

Rhiannon Hardy

Rhiannon progressed from Level 3 to Level 6 and is now working as a Business Analyst.

Monica Lee - Access to HE

Monica Lee

Monica gained invaluable skills and progressed to study at university.