Barbod Takaloomanesh

Course: A-Level (Psychology, Biology and Chemistry)

Barbod decided to continue his education in the UK with New College Durham and he is now studying Dentistry at Newcastle University.

He said:

“When I made the decision to continue my education in the UK, New College Durham was instantly one of my first choices because of the wide range of subjects I was able to choose from.

“When I attended the Welcome Day, I was astonished by the lovely environment and the great level of support I received from the staff members. They helped me to settle in and survive the stressful first few weeks!

“I will be progressing to study Dentistry at Newcastle University, and I hope to have my own practice after I graduate.

“I will miss studying at New College Durham as all of my tutors and friends provided me with an unforgettable experience – and I will be forever thankful. I knew A-Levels would be stressful and demanding but it is worth all the hard work and I hope all of my classes get the results they’re hoping for!”