Charlie Cooke

Course: A-Levels - Biology, Chemistry, Psychology & AS Applied Science
Previous School: Tanfield School

After completing his A-Levels here, Charlie worked full-time as a sous chef at an Italian restaurant to study the biochemical aspects of nutrition before starting his university course.

 He said: “I came to New College Durham as it was a well-designed and pleasant environment. There is not much social pressure and good autism support, especially from tutors, who were the greatest thing about the college!  Their teaching methods and approach were so amazing that I still use their methods and tips at university.

“The best thing about the Sixth Form Centre was the tutor’s amazing knowledge of their subjects and their phenomenal ability to teach it. Each tutor had their own methods, which I still use now – I can't do biology without remembering funny rhymes!

“The campus was amazing. It was a great environment to be in – very professional and open. I didn’t feel like I'm at school with lots of pressure and eyes watching, you are treated with respect.”

Charlie is now studying BSc (Hons) Nutrition at Leeds Beckett University and has set up a nutrition-based biochemistry and physiology website.


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