Ella Snowdon

Course: A-Levels (Psychology, Criminology, Geography and English Language)

Previous school: Durham Johnston Comprehensive School

Ella said she decided to study with us because she preferred the more respectful atmosphere she felt at New College Durham.

She said:

“There was certainly a more welcoming and respectful atmosphere towards students at New College compared to school, not to mention that your course tutors are dedicated A-Level lecturers with expertise in their areas!

“The amazing facilities and the friendly lecturers make it feel like you have a real support system if you're struggling, they are there to help and not just with work but with other issues too. I will always remember our geography field trips and learning about spatter patterns in criminology.

“It was refreshing to be treated like an adult from the moment you start. I volunteered at every open day – this helped me to build my confidence.

“I progressed to study Crime Scene Science at Teesside University – admittedly, I chose criminology as almost a filler subject as I wasn’t sure what else to choose and I thought it would be interesting. Now I’m studying it at university thanks to my lecturers and the course, it has helped me realise that I want to work in the Police.

“New College Durham is an amazing college and place to be, it provides overwhelming support for its students. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the help I received from my lecturers and tutors.”

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