Kate Crosby

Course: A-Levels (Biology and Psychology)

Kate returned to education as a mature student and is now studying Marine Zoology at Newcastle University.

She said:

“Going back into education as a mature student meant I had a completely different outlook on the experience I had at New College Durham. I was aware that the responsibility to do well was all on me, but I received exceptional support from my lecturers, and they were very understanding considering my unusual circumstances.

“The teaching at New College Durham was excellent and the main driver for me doing as well as I did. The College is a fantastic place to study and has fantastic facilities that make the experience even more enjoyable.

“Studying at New College Durham enabled me to achieve something I thought no longer possible: studying my dream degree at my dream university! The step up from GCSE to A-Level was challenging, meaning I had to put more work in to succeed but it was that simple, put the work in and you will do well! I was always open to feedback from my lecturers, and past papers and mark schemes were my best friends when it came to revision – give yourself plenty of time to start revising for exams!

“After completing my degree, I plan to do some more travelling around South and Central America. Then I aim to move back to Australia and will hopefully work within the conservation sector. The dream would be to begin my career as a research assistant at James Cook University in Queensland and aid efforts to save the Great Barrier Reef and its inhabitants. Watch this space!”