Katie Murphy

Course: A-Levels (Psychology, Sociology and English Language)
Previous School: Ferryhill Business and Enterprise College

Katie was a student ambassador for the Sixth Form Centre during her time here and was provided with opportunities to represent the college. She said the atmosphere in the Sixth Form was friendly and she liked the facilities such as the gym, Costa, and Starbucks.

She said: “New College Durham seemed the best option for me as it wasn't too far away to travel, their courses seemed to interest me the most and I had received good recommendations.

“The teachers were the best thing about my course. I believe my interest in the subjects I chose grew because of how well they were taught. The teachers were always there to help you when you needed it and they had great senses of humour too, which made learning more enjoyable.

“I also liked the fact that the learning was more independent than school and students seemed to be treated more like an adult.

“During my time at New College Durham I was a student ambassador. On open nights part of my role was to show people around the college, answer any questions they had and inform them of the facilities here. As well as just being a fun experience, it really improved my confidence and I became more comfortable when meeting new people. My communication skills really improved because of this and it looks great on university applications too!”

Katie is now studying primary education at Sunderland University.

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