Lauren Pearson

Course: A-Levels (English Literature Applied Science, Philosophy and Ethics)

Previous school: Queen Elizabeth High School

Alongside her studies, Lauren worked as a student ambassador for the College. She supported staff during interviews and induction and also volunteered at college open events.

She said:

“My older brother studied here and enjoyed the experience. I was unhappy at my previous school and wanted to do A-Levels. I enjoyed the atmosphere as it was more adult.

“My tutors were always happy and keen to help. I knew I could always go to them for support. I enjoyed my Applied Science course the most; it was interesting and I liked learning about science and having the opportunity to apply it to the real world.

“I thought the College was well equipped, specifically the resources in the eLC and the on-site Starbucks and Costa! I found my time at New College Durham to be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

“I hope to progress to university to study a subject that allows me to work in the care sector – either nursing or a related field. I can’t thank my tutors at New College Durham enough for pushing me to do well in my A Levels, supporting me in my UCAS application and giving me experience dealing with the public.”


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