Matthew Unwin - A Levels

Courses: A-Levels Maths, Physics, ICT, Psychology
Previous school attended:
Wellfield College of Maths and Computing

Matthew has recently graduated from Teesside University with a 1st class BSc (Hons) in Psychology where he was also awarded the Professor Oglesby prize for achievement.  He is now working in Disability Services at the university helping students with learning disabilities. He is also working as a part-time Research Assistant and has just submitted an application for a PhD in investigative interviewing at Newcastle University.

Matthew said “The staff at New College Durham Sixth Form, who taught me, were dedicated and very experienced in their respective subject - something not always evident at other colleges”.  Matthew found the design of the college very appealing: “The campus is very modern and fit for purpose and definitely a defining factor in my initial choice of where to study when I was younger.” He goes on to say “I liked the architectural design of New College Durham and the range of courses on offer in the Sixth Form Centre.” His final comment is “To this day, I miss the college and the lecturers in it!”

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