Sarah Reel

Course: BSc (Hons) Podiatry
Previous school: Silverdale Comprehensive School

Sarah Reel has found that her degree in Podiatry has taken her in some surprising directions.

She said:

“I had no idea at the time of graduating that I would end up as a forensic podiatrist; however the course left me with such a passion for the profession that I wanted to explore everything that it had to offer.”

After graduating from New College Durham, Sarah went on to gain a PHD before continuing on to a career that is as wide ranging as it is impressive.

“While working as a Forensic Podiatrist I have been involved in some really interesting cases, the most recent of which was a triple murder in Australia. I continue to be an active researcher in the field of podiatry and I'm associated with the forensic science department at Staffordshire University, responsible for creating a national footprint database. I have presented my research findings several times in the US at the International Association for Identification conferences, which is the largest and oldest forensic science organisation in the world. I also work as a forensic and podiatry visiting university lecturer and I am a member of the IAI forensic podiatry sub-committee, who are responsible for the formal recognition of podiatry as a forensic discipline.”

Although it has been some time since Sarah graduated from New College Durham, she is quick to cite the importance of her time here.

Sarah commented:

“The undergraduate course gave me a really good theoretical and practical foundation, including experience of treating high risk patients on a regular basis. As a result I found no difficulty transitioning from college to the NHS workplace. It is encouraging that years on I still rely on information that was obtained from lectures at New College Durham.”

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