Leaders in Diversity

Re-accreditation for Leaders in Diversity was reviewed and awarded by the National Centre of Diversity in April 2018. 

The College demonstrated to the National Centre of Diversity that;

  • We maintained a strong diagnostic survey result, that demonstrated our continued commitment to developing and embedding equality, diversity and inclusion across the whole College.
  • We have a supportive partnership approach - stringent oversight of our current practice.
  • We are still the only North East College to hold Leaders in Diversity.

At the National Centre of Diversity Grand Awards - January 2018 the College was placed 2nd in the top 100 businesses index out of a potential 650 businesses that the Centre works with.

The National Centre for Diversity has combined a supportive partnership approach with a stringent oversight of our current practice and approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. They identified that the College is committed to being a place where learning and working exists in an environment that advances equality of opportunity, celebrates diversity and allows everyone to achieve their fullest potential.

We are constantly striving to move beyond legal compliance towards promoting and celebrating Equality and Diversity.  We are proud to have achieved Leaders in Diversity awarded by the National Centre for Diversity which demonstrates an all-encompassing methodology for improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practices at the heart of everything we do and we are now working towards being Leaders in Diversity.

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