Procedure for Comments, Suggestions & Complaints

If you wish to make a complaint what should you do first?


Student of the College

If you have a complaint concerning your course you must first try to resolve your concern by talking to any of your tutors. If this does not resolve the concern you should then approach your Head of School. If you still remain unsatisfied by the response then you can submit a formal complaint. Using the form on the link below.

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Please note any complaints concerning assessment must be dealt with using the College’s separate Academic Appeals Procedure, details of which are given in the Student Handbook and Diary. (Please do not use this Form to register a complaint against any aspect of assessment.)

If you have a complaint concerning any of the College Services you should in the first instance try to resolve the problem by talking to your subject tutor(s), personal tutor or course/programme leader. If this does not resolve the problem you can then submit a formal complaint.

Employer, Visitor or Member of the Local Community

Please do not hesitate to speak to staff at the Reception and Information Desk who will provide the name and telephone number of the relevant Manager. We would encourage all concerned to speak to our Managers first before submitting a formal complaint.

This complaint procedure must not be utilised by employees of New College Durham for which there is a separate procedure for staff to raise concerns.

If you wish to make a comment/suggestion/complaint

Please complete this Form. Once your complaint has been received you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt, within 5 days. You will be informed how long it should take to look into your complaint and who will be dealing with it. Once your complaint has been addressed, you will receive a full written response or be invited to discuss the matter.

Further action

If, after you have received a response from the College, you remain dissatisfied you may appeal against the decision. To do so you need to contact the Principal and Chief Executive in writing within 10 days.

Data Protection Information

The information you provide to New College Durham relating to the Complaints Procedure will only be used to assess your complaint. 

This information may be shared with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) should it reach that stage.  All information provided

will be held for 6 years.  All suggestions and comments will be anonymised after we receive it and we will use these to improve our services. 

If you require further information regarding data protection practices this can be found within this link.

Click here to complete the Comments, Suggestions and Complaints form.

Read our Statement of Purpose

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New College Durham is committed to providing quality services covering all aspects of its work. If occasionally such services do not meet the standards expected and this causes undue difficulties for students, employers or members of the local community, then this complaint procedure should be invoked. 

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