Take a tour around our Motor Vehicle facilities

Our motor vehicle workshop reflects the best of industry standards and provides you with a realistic training environment, including:

  • Regularly updated equipment
  • The latest technology
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Four vehicle ramps
  • A selection of late and modern vehicles and motorcycles.

As part of our new STEM Centre, our motor vehicle workshops have been updated with the following state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Hunter four-wheel alignment equipment - takes 3D images of a vehicle wheel geometry, with before and after printout to show what has been adjusted.
  • Tyre changing equipment – designed to safely remove and refit modern day tyres.
  • Dynamic wheel balancer – designed to distribute weight equally around the entire circumference of the tyre, to prevent premature wear of suspension, steering components and tyres.
  • Exhaust extraction system – safely removes all emitted toxic fumes whilst vehicles are running within the workshop.
  • New modern day vehicles have been purchased for you to work on and gain the skills required to effectively diagnose and repair modern vehicles.

Click on the virtual tour on the right to have a look around our Motor Vehicle workshop.

Our new STEM Centre virtual tour will be coming soon!