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N0112 Research Call 

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Clarifications below:

Q. Can you confirm that the budget of £24k covers both lots detailed in the research call document

A. Yes, £12K for the More Developed Area and £12K for the Durham Transition area.

Q. In terms of speaking to employers, the proposal makes reference to structured robust sampling across key sectors and sizes. Are you implying that the sample sizes need to be statistically robust? I ask this as I’m not sure that this is achievable within the budget detailed. For example, there are approximately 950 small to medium (10-249 employees) advanced manufacturing enterprises in the North East LEP area. In order to achieve a robust sample of these businesses (in this case let’s assume the industry standard of a 95% confidence interval with a confidence interval of +/- 5) then 273 would need to be interviewed. The three remaining sectors are likely to be smaller in terms of enterprise numbers but overall I think you would still be looking at having to interview somewhere in the region of 650-700 businesses in order to achieve statistically robust samples at sector level

A. Within the budgets allocated we cannot reasonably expect any bidder to interview that many organisations. Our expectation is that a bidding company can demonstrate that they have covered the sectors and size bands to provide a reasonable range of employer views and considerations which will inform future planning

Q. Does New College Durham have access to a business database containing contact details which would enable the quantitative element of the research? And if so, would this information be available to the contractor?

A. No, the College does not have an comprehensive employer database.

Q. Clearly the pandemic is going to impact on how the project is delivered, but can you confirm that you have every intention of going ahead with the work? I’m conscious that a large element of this work is about trying to talk to business about skills needs at a time when they are clearly going to have more important matters to be dealing with.

A. We can confirm that the project will be going ahead. However, we recognise that the timeframe will need to change. At this time we are unable to advise when we expect this project to progress and will need to be guided by Government advice. Regarding the timeframes within the tender document please provide your timings as if there were no pandemic in order to provide us with your anticipated time scales and we will obviously take this into account when marking. We would discuss and agree new timescales with the successful tendering organisation.

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