Sports & Leisure Assistants


Sports and leisure assistants, provide and maintain facilities for sporting and recreational activities and supervise their use, maintain the continuity of entertainment and social events, offer odds and accept bets on the result of sporting and other events and control gambling activities.


Maintains sports and leisure equipment and prepares equipment for use

Supervises the use of swimming pools, gymnasium apparatus, fitness machines and other recreational equipment

Maintains hygienic operation of swimming pools and associated facilities such as jacuzzis, showers and changing areas

Carries clubs for golfers, advises on the layout and distance of golf courses and appropriate choice of golf club

Announces acts, makes introductions, proposes toasts and maintains the continuity of entertainment events and social functions

Assesses likely outcome of an event and establishes odds, accepts and records bets, issues receipts and pays out on winning bets

Controls the progress of games of cards, roulette and other gambling activities according to established rules

Educational Requirements

There are no formal academic entry requirements, although some employers may require GCSEs/S grades. A variety of vocational qualifications is available in Sports and Recreation and Leisure and Tourism.