Develop your organisation with an apprentice

New College Durham works with over 450 employers across the region delivering apprenticeship programmes in a wide range of levels, sectors and roles.

We offer Apprenticeship Standards at both Level 2 and Level 3 that last between 1 year–4 years depending upon the sector. During this time, an apprentice will build upon their knowledge, skills and behaviours, completing a series of assessment methods to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship assessment plan, including examinations, assignments and evidence building.  

An apprentice typically spends four days working with your company gathering valuable experience and evidence as part of their apprenticeship, while making a unique contribution to your organisation and building the skills needed to become fully competent within their job role.

One day per week is typically spent at college for off the job training, including practical and theory sessions, which differ depending on the programme.

An appointed Apprenticeship Skills Co-ordinator (ASO) will play an integral part - initiating a starting point, setting and reviewing milestones and undertaking regular assessments and observations in the workplace.

The ASO will visit the workplace to undertake regular progress review updates every 12 weeks, this is to monitor progress throughout the qualification, and to ensure targets are being met.


Why is an apprentice good for your company?

Why is an apprentice good for your company?

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Apprenticeship funding

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