What makes studying higher education at a college better?

Same end result HE graphic

Same end result

A degree will be the same from any type of institution.  Our higher education programmes face the same rigorous checks and audits as a university.

Convienence HE graphic


Studying for a degree on your doorstep is not only convenient, it means you can live at home and drastically reduce your living expenses, compared to living away at university.

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Unique learning environment

If you don't feel ready for the step up to university, studying at a college is not such a major transition and they can usually provide you with more support.

Greater flex HE graphic

Greater flexibility

Colleges not only offer degrees, they provide a variety of higher education qualifications that act as a stepping stone to a full degree, such as HNCs, HNDs and foundation degrees.  They can be topped up to a degree at a later date giving you the flexibly to complete your higher education in stages.

Lower fees HE graphic

Lower fees

It is well known that colleges charge lower fees for the same programmes than a university.  Lower fees means less student debt, more affordable education and better value for money.

No lecture theatres HE graphic

No lecture theatres

Everything is on a smaller scale at a college so your learning takes place in a classroom rather than a big lecture theatre.  This creates a more productive learning environment and gives you more opportunity to collaborate with other students.

Working while learning HE graphic

Working while learning

Staying at home to study a degree means that you can study while working full-time, or hold down a regular part-time job, which can be difficult for a student based on a university campus who lives at home outside of term time.

More responsive HE graphic

More responsive to local economy

Colleges are part of the local community and can tailor their degree programmes to the demands of the local economy, providing you with specific workplace skills for the local jobs market.

wider student population HE graphic

Wider student population

Whereas universities attract mostly 18-21 year olds, a college has a much wider student population, with many from non-traditional study backgrounds.

Extremely supportive HE graphic

Extremely supportive

A college can offer a more supportive learning environment, with individual support for those who need it.  This gives students the best chance of achieving their potential.