A-Levels (Biology, Chemistry and Psychology)

Barbod continued his education in the UK with New College Durham and progressed to study Dentistry at King’s College London.

He said:

“When I attended the Welcome Day, I was astonished by the lovely environment and the great level of support I received from the staff members. They helped me to settle in and survive the stressful first few weeks!

“My tutors were supportive and friendly throughout my time at NCD, they created a fantastic learning environment where I could achieve the results I wanted.

“It was very interesting to learn about the basics of biology and chemistry, equipping me with the base knowledge I needed as a dental student. Studying psychology allowed me to better understand social behaviour which will help me better communicate with future patients.

“Being part of the debate club allowed me to learn how to understand different perspectives and opinions surrounding different topics, and how to reach compromise. I also used to enjoy helping out at the A-Level open events.

“I am now in my second year of studying dentistry at King’s College London, and when I graduate, I hope to be able to practice. NCD helped me prepare for university and equipped me with the necessary skills I needed to progress. I did decide to take a gap before university to gain some work experience to make sure I definitely wanted to train as a dentist.”

Barbod is enjoying the second year of studying Dentistry at King’s College London.