BA (Hons) Popular Music (Top Up)

Elizabeth said her time studying at our University Centre pushed her to believe in her own ability as an artist.

Elizabeth Liddle BA Popular MusicElizabeth said:

“NCD was an incredible place to study my top -up degree. I made amazing friends who I still play gigs with now. My tutors were extremely supportive and helped boost my confidence in my performance ability.

“I would say my tutors were instrumental in challenging me which encouraged me to record and release my most recent EP. My confidence has grown so much. I believe my time at NCD really pushed me to believe in myself. I met some phenomenal musicians who I play in bands with now.

“My year at NCD was a really special time. I always felt so welcomed coming in later than everyone else to study the top-up degree. I truly believe in my own music now and owe this all to my experience at NCD.

“Since graduating, I am fully committed to my music and I love it! I am performing and releasing my own original materal as well as playing in an original band. I also deliver musical workshops for a company called Integrating”

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