A-Level (Biology, English Language and Fine Art)

Emily wanted a change of environment after school and was excited about the prospect of having more independence at NCD.

 She said:

“I love the independence that came with studying A-Levels at college compared to school. I wanted a change of scenery, the campus was very relaxed, and I used the Starbucks, Costa and Library a lot. My tutors were also incredibly helpful and cared about my success.

“The subjects I studied were very interesting but the fine art course for me was the most significant. Studying fine art prepared me with valuable skills and ways of working that have aided me whilst studying fashion design and marketing at university.

“I was able to explore different ideas on the fine art course and presented my work in an end of year art exhibition.”

Emily progressed to complete a Design Foundation Year at Northumbria University and she is now studying on their Fashion Design and Marketing degree.

Emily continued:

“I am on industry placement for my degree and then I will complete it! My plans are to gain more experience in industry , building on the transferable skills I developed at NCD and university. I can’t thank New College enough for helping me getting used to working in a creative mindset, it prepared me for uni.”